Post Olympic blues? Memes & gifs to cheer you up

Miss Snow It All

Do you turn the TV on in the hope of sequins and feathers on ice only to find Everybody Loves Raymond reruns?

Do you miss the sound of carbon fibre on snow, the sight of Henrik’s pants falling down mid slopestyle air, stories of abandoned Sochi puppies, athletes on Tinder and journos posting about their hotel woes?

Here’s a little meme, GIF and silliness fix for you of fun Sochi stuff that flooded the internet. Should tide you over until the Paralympics begin in Sochi in a week’s time.

Let the games begin


You’re wearing what?

sochiAthletes getting it on

shaun white


Read my lips!

resize-2DvtA8t3RNhVlShoulda put a ring on it

3026482-inline-olympics-opening-ceremony-ring-meme$53 billion and you didn’t put in an escalator


Putin, sitting meme target

PUTIN-MEME-ELITEZip it, ok, don’t zip it

resize-4Mogul wars

resize-3BYO Allen Key

h647901AFNo, really, she can


Craving more? Tumblr rocked Sochi.

The Soshi Olympics – the perfect mash up…

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